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Designing and Developing game prototypes and tools with a more mobile friendly tool.

Die Rolling Example

Iterary has been chugging along with ~10 users a day that consistently use it. With it written in Polymer 1, it has been a slow process trying to get it up to Polymer 3. Skipping Polymer 2 as I have had significant problems with any of the auto transforms.

With Flutter Web now available in beta, it's become easier to develop and high hopes of getting web/desktop version that might allow me to replace with one code base.

To prove it out, I have been working with just Dice! Check out some more samples below.

Simple Die Rolling

Die Editing

List of Expected Features for Beta

  • Dice

    • Can edit up to 20 sides
    • Use Emoji's or Text
    • Multiple Areas
  • Logs grouped by rolling together or single die
  • Select Die for dynamic grouping to roll partial grouping
  • Can Save/Edit locally

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