Starting Word Wash 2.0!

Building a word game again and pushing to add a game inside a game!


The original Word Wash was a game attempting simple, real time, arcade word puzzle game action. The twist was making it with easy/common words, allowing people to play fast for big points instead of the typical sitting around and thinking of the biggest word you can get.

Word Wash Original Gameplay

I would like to consider it mildly successful, but my wife has pointed out many times it feels like "half a game". While that makes me cry a bit, I see her point. There was a bit of progression with very lightly themed letters, coming from the letters that were populated on each phase (see above with the "SA" already filled and waiting for you to to fill the letter in the "-" spot).

Rethinking Bubbles

The core concept still feels good to me after all this time, but I haven't been able to really find something that convoked that simple arcade feel to bind with it. Then along came some sweet 1-bit color car art!

Early Image Game Design

Not pretty, but doing this quick redesign in a couple hours let me play with it and try and flesh out a new idea of set collection.

That gives me an avenue forwards to bridge the word game with another mechanic, but finding the balance to keep them feeling like they belong together is still a WIP.

Words and Racing! Maybe... but I have some plans to make it sillier as I move forwards. See my latest here in action below:

Latest Prototype